The Board of Directors of Vintage Hills Division V Homeowners' Association has approved and implemented a policy regarding painting and exterior modifications. This policy is in accordance with the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs) of Vintage Hills Division V Homeowners' Association.
Purpose: The purpose of this policy is to provide members with an understanding of the Association's rules and a standardized procedure for requesting approval of exterior paint colors and other exterior modifications of their homes.
Homeowners wishing to paint or otherwise modify the exterior of their home must:
Use a paint color scheme that is different from every other home in our Association, and obtain written approval from the three closest homeowners prior to submitting an Application for Exterior Painting/Modification (attached) to the Board of Directors. (Please see the guidelines below.)
Submit two copies of the Application for Exterior Painting/Modification to a member of the Board of Directors at least 30 days prior to the proposed project start date.
Obtain written approval from the Board of Directors of the proposed paint colors and/or other exterior alterations prior to the start of work.
Guidelines for paint color selection, as recommended by Courtney Norris of Norris Homes:
Colors should be earth tones, chosen from exterior paint palettes, preferably from Sherwin-Williams. The goal is for each house to have a harmonious appearance that does not stand out from the other houses in our community. You may wish to view the Norris Home photo gallery: http://www.norrishomesinc.com Click on Photo Gallery.
Usually three or four colors are used: The main body color, a darker color for the gables (up to three times darker, or this area can be treated with shakes or stain), a trim color, and an optional accent color.
Trim color is usually an off white with a tint of the body color, but it can be reversed: the trim color could be a darker color used with a lighter main body color. All of the trim is painted a single color.
One optional accent color may be used on shutters, entry doors, or both—but not on any other parts of the exterior. Use of an accent color is not required. The entry door may be stained or painted; some entry doors are painted white to match the adjacent millwork.
Enforcement: Failure of a member to comply with this policy will be addressed in accordance with the Association's CC&R Enforcement Policy.
To begin your painting project request, please start a new issue, type ACC Request, House Paint Color Change issue under the Issues menu.